Wednesday, December 3, 2014

INK MAGE is a Kindle Monthly Deal!

The 47North imprint of Amazon Publishing is proud to offer Victor Gischler's fantasy novel Ink Mage (Kindle version) at a significant discount for the month of December.  Click HERE and start reading today!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trilogy and sequel get titles!

The sequel to Victor Gischler's epic fantasy novel INK MAGE will be called THE TATTOOED DUCHESS.  This will be book 2 in the trilogy A FIRE BENEATH THE SKIN.

Stay tuned for this blog for official Ink Mage announcements!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Two more books on the way in the INK MAGE Trilogy!

Publisher 47North has green lit books 2 and 3 in the trilogy Victor Gischler began with Ink Mage! Both will be published in 2015 as serials just as Ink Mage was originally published ... and then each will be collected into a complete novel.

If you haven't read Ink Mage, get it now so you can be ready for book two coming early next year!


When the city of Klaar falls in an orgy of blood and betrayal, only Rina Veraiin -- the daughter of the duke -- manages to escape.  Now a duchess in exile, her quest for vengeance is aided by a banished wizard who gifts her with the tattoos of the Ink Mage.  Each new tattoo gives Rina another extraordinary power.  With the enemy dogging her every step, Rina must learn to control these powers if she is to win back her homeland.

"With Victor Gischler finally dipping his blood drenched quill in the pool of epic fantasy, a fresh horde of fans should be gathering just outside his castle gate anticipating each new installment of the series." —Amazing Stories

"A fantastic fantasy novel with plenty of action, physical and magical, romance, politics, and settings that will thrill...Overall grade: A." —

Click here for the bargain Kindle price or here for the handsome paperback.